Sunday, May 7, 2017

What Is It About Friday the 13th?

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In my book Goodbye, My Love, Jess, the would-be nanny, arrives for her interview with Ben late afternoon on Friday the 13th. Although she scoffs at the notion of being superstitious about the number and the day, she assigns the strange things happening to Friday the 13th.

The fear of Friday the 13th is a widespread phobia, right up there with the superstitions about black cats and walking under a laden and spilling salt. Everyone knows that bad things happen on Friday the 13th and many people avoid the bad luck by staying home on that day, they change appointments, and refrain from certain activities like having a haircut or even changing their bed linens.

There is at least one Friday the 13ht every year, but there can't be more than three - which should be a relief to the phobics. TGIF - thank God it's Friday - normally heralds the beginning of the weekend, so what changes when Friday is also the 13th day of the month? Every month has a thirteenth day. When it fall on a different day of the week, no one pays it any attention. But it isn't very clear why Friday the 13th has such significance, except the link with the fear of the number 13 and the association with historical facts about the day. Here is the link to an article I wrote a while ago.

Some people believe this fear has a biblical link, because Jesus was crucified of Friday the thirteenth and there were 13 people at the table for the Last Supper. In history, the Knights Templar were massacred on Friday, October 13. But nobody really knows where this fear came from, and the media has a great time perpetuating it with movies like the Friday the 13th series.

Here are the links to a couple of wonderful articles about the fear of Friday the 13th:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Excerpt - Goodbye, My Love

'Jess felt his hand in the small of her back, his palm hot against her cold skin, and she looked up into his face. His jaw was locked again. 

The next moment she gasped when she missed the first step, the laptop bag slipping from her fingers. Screwing her eyes up tight, she braced herself for the fall. 

It never came. 

Instead she found herself wrapped in the doctor’s arms, safe against his chest. She felt every inch of him against her, his heart hammering against her breasts. The surprise was his erection pushing against her. There was no time for her to consider what the cold did to penises, and him having an erection regardless, because his mouth closing over hers wiped all thought from her head. 

His lips were cold, but heat flowed through her. She wrapped her arms around him, because her knees threatened to buckle under her. His head angled, his arms securing her to him.

This was so unexpected of the grumpy doctor, so out of character for him. She wasn’t getting the job because of this, Ben Arnold’s attraction to her. 

When thunder boomed directly overhead again, he jerked away from her. Jess staggered, prying her eyes open with difficulty against the rain pouring into them. 

Fists planted on his hips, the doctor breathed heavily at the soggy ground. Rain plastered his hair to his head and dripped off his nose, a muscle jumping in his jaw. Eventually he looked at her. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t normally pounce on women I barely know. I assure you that you are quite safe with me. Let’s get out of this rain.” His eyes dipped. “You’re cold.” Taking the laptop bag from her and hooking it over his shoulder with the other one, he took her hand.

Just barely resisting the urge to cross her free arm over her embarrassingly recalcitrant nipples, she valiantly tried to keep up with his long strides, her feet slipping around in her high-heeled sandals. It wasn’t her fault it was raining. And he’d kissed her. Of course her body would react to such an onslaught.

For a first kiss, it had been pretty darn spectacular. He, and anybody else who cared to look, were welcome to know that it had hit the spot. Now, more than ever, she wanted to stay right here, to see where this thing would take them.'

A South African ghost story in two parts, Goodbye, My Love is releasing on May 29 and book two, PS: I Love you in October. 

Goodbye, My Love is available for pre-order here:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Time-Travel vs Time-Bending

When I started writing Goodbye, My Love, I had no plan of messing with the chronology of time. What fascinated me was parallel stories within a story. But as the story unfolded, time bent by itself. And it works. It's only now, with hindsight, that I question what time-travel and time-bending actually is.

When either concepts are mentioned, sci-fi movies immediately come to mind. In these, use is made of fantastic contraptions to travel through time in, from a telephone booth in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, to a Delorean in Back to the Future. 
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In reality, no such equipment is needed as time is relative. We all know the three dimensions of space: length, width and depth, but what we seem to forget is that time is the forth dimension. Time has no meaning without space and the two act together as the space-time continuum. Whatever happens, it involves both space and time.

Here is a wonderful article I found that explains it far better and in greater depth than I ever can:
I have often wondered about people disappearing without a trace. Could it be possible that they got lost in time without intending to?

But what about time bending to take a person from now to an alternative now in the past or the future? This is not the same as time-travel. I found this article on how to bend time: What do you make of that?

The next question I ask myself, is whether it is possible to be in the same place but at a different time - sort of in a different level or dimension? Here is but one article - and there are many - on research findings into the levels of time: it possible to be in one place at two or more different times? Is it possible to move backward and forward in time when space remains constant? I would say that if one accepts that time isn't flat (linear), then anything is possible.

Goodbye, My Love is available for pre-order here:
and will be released on May 29, 2017

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Available NOW for PRE-ORDER! - Goodbye, My Love

The Roxanne's Ghost Saga is set against the backdrop of modern day South Africa. It is a complex ghost story of identical twin sisters love for the same man.

And the theme? Nothing is what it seems. 

Here, we move into the realms of the mists of time that could either reveal or conceal.

Book 1, Goodbye, My Love, sets the scene. It introduces country vet, Ben, his four-year-old autistic daughter and the would-be nanny, Jessica James. Jess’ interview with Ben for the nanny position takes place on Friday the 13th. An attraction between the two is immediate, which by all accounts isn't entirely normal.

 Ben's three oddball sisters-in-law descend on him for the anniversary of his wife Roxanne's death. They try to convince Ben that Roxanne isn't dead, more than likely to put an end to whatever might develop between Ben and Jessica. But Ben knows that no one could ever have survived what led to Roxanne’s death.

His daughter is supposed to be autistic, but only sometimes does she display the symptoms that led to her diagnosis. As Ben says, Autism is not a disease, it's a condition. Symptoms can't be turned on and off at will. So…what is it with the child?

Ben's wife's twin sister, Millicent, brings a psychic with her to Ben's home in order to help them find Roxanne. Only, Daemon wears dresses and a half-moon shaped earring. Who would take him seriously? 

Of course, the twin isn't happy to find Jess already in Ben's house—trouble is imminent. But only as far as Ethel, Ben's ancient housekeeper, allows. What does the housekeeper know that will keep Millicent's ruffled feathers under control?

More importantly…

Where is Roxanne?

Goodbye, My Love is available for pre-order

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review - Bound By One Scandalous Night - Diane Gaston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although Regency is not my favorite, I thoroughly enjoyed Daine Gaston's version of it. Definitely a scandalous start for the regency era, it captivated me nearly from the first page. I adored Edmond - the strong silent type - although I felt like slapping Amelie for not being more transparent to him. Maybe that was how girls were in that era and why I'm not fond of the period. I enjoyed this book very much, over all.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Secrets of the Knight (League of the Blades, #3)Secrets of the Knight by Julia Latham

I don't normally read historicals, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Very good

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Image result for ultrasound pics of twinsA few years ago I read in a Dr. Ruth type column about a woman who was having twins and then the one baby just disappeared. I never heard of this before, so I went onto a medical site to find out more. Apart from being told to see a doctor immediately - I was not pregnant! - I was given the information I needed.

Apparently, it is quite common in multiple pregnancies for one fetus to be 'absorbed' by the other one. Here is an excellent article about the causes and effects of the vanishing twin syndrome:

This made me think about the psychological adjustment of the surviving twin. We all know how close twins, especially identical twins, are to each other. Research have shown that twins feel each others' emotions, etc etc, and if one should die, the remaining twin suffers more than when a non-twin sibling dies. But what about it if one twin dies invitro, like in the vanishing twin syndrome? Would the survivor 'feel' the loss of the twin who died before birth, later in life?

In my book A Convenient Marriage, Nicole was a handful at the best of times, but a lot of her behavior could be attributed to the 'sadness' she often felt. She had no explanation for the feeling that something was missing in her life, and tried to fill the gap by any means possible - partying too hard, men, drugs - while Joshua waited for her to marry him. It was only when her nightmares got out of hand that her father told her that she was the survivor of the vanishing twin syndrome. But he lied to her, didn't he, because there was more to her nightmares than that.