Monday, December 10, 2012

Another 5* Review!

Review of 'Dark Moon' by Maggie Tideswell

Kirstie Vizard on her blog All In One Place


Set in the romantic city of Cape Town, Storm tries to force a proposal from Trevor, and instead, she meets Jarred. Trevor has been preparing himself for what he plans for Storm, which is not quite what she expects. When she tells Trevor that she is carrying Jarred's baby, she releases true evil in Trevor. Storm, feeling that he ruined her life, refuses to have anything to do with Jarred, but he pursues her relentlessly. Donna, Storm's roommate, bears the brunt of Trevor's anger. Elle, Trevor's sister, a fact unknown to them, makes it her mission to catch Trevor and bring him to justice, but he draws power from her for his evil purposes. Their mother senses what Trevor is doing and she uses her considerable knowledge and experience as a witch to curtail him. For a while it works, but he soon gathers his power, which he uses to his unfair advantage on Storm. Would Sybil and her helpers get through to Storm before she makes the mistake of her life.

My Review:

Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Paranormal, romance, adult, couldn't put down, witches, tense
dark - in this case, of human nature. Maggie Tideswell begins 'Dark Moon' by introducing her protagonists and although the reader meets 7 characters in the first 10 pages there is never a feeling of being overwhelmed. Maggie Tideswell gives her reader fragments of information about the characters- which is

I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

As the name of the book suggests the plot is about light and enough to know that they have secrets and to be excited about the story that will unfold.

I found that once I started 'Dark Moon' I was compelled to continue reading and following genuinely fearful moments, sadness and romance, I had unknowingly finished the book several hours later!
Maggie Tideswell deals with the subject matters of rape, the occult and witchcraft, amongst other things, yet she is sensitive in her approach. The pace of her writing means the reader never has time to dwell but we still have time to experience the emotions of the characters.
All those in 'Dark Moon' are intense and remarkable. Trevor and Elle represent the dark and the light - they are both self-serving and in my view untrustworthy, but Trevor's evil is from where the story originates.
Storm and Jarred are also damaged but seek comfort in each other and often the banter between them provides a light-hearted release from the rest of the story. I found it impossible not to become attached to these two and I loved the way in which Maggie Tideswell wrote their story, yet wound it so cleverly with everyone else's.
This plot is dramatic and the subject matter is heavy but 'Dark Moon' is an excellent book with a story that draws its reader in and holds them there.
I would definitely recommend 'Dark Moon' and look forward to reading more of the author's work.