Tuesday, October 7, 2014

 REVIEW by Nora Chipley Barteau

Wow what a love story! This book had me from the very first word! I have once again fallen in love with a character! You know the commercial 'shop for a diamond or a piece of beautiful jewelry at Jared's'? Well, the 'Jared' in this book is spelled Jarred but he's just as beautiful! If only these men actually existed in real life. *daydreaming* But I digress...

Maggie has done a brilliant job keeping the reader on the edge of their seats with the love triangle between Jarred, Trevor and Storm. There is a lot of mystery, magic, passion, frustration, suspense, sadness, loss and, of course, unconditional, undying love in Dark Moon. Maggie's book almost brought me to tears a few times, and I found myself saying, (out loud of course), " No way! Don't let that happen!" "Don't open the door!" "Oh, just face it  you're in love with him. Give him a break!"

"Don't look him in the eyes!" Oh, and that doesn't compare to the things that were in my mind! I never wanted this book to end!

This is the first work I have read by Maggie, but not the last, because, after this review, she is sending me her next book to read and review!!! Oh, if Dark Moon is just a sample of her work, I just can't wait. Of course I haven't gotten over having to let Jarred go yet...wow what a hunk of a man!! Enough to give a woman some really good dreams. *wink*

I highly recommend this book and I give it without a hesitation five stars *****

Reviewed by

Nora Chipley Barteau

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