Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dark Moon - Review by Pam Stack


“Dark Moon” is South African author Maggie Tideswell’s first published book and what a first book it is!!!!!  As a disclosure and blessed to have met Maggie on Facebook, she gifted me with a PDF copy of the book and I’m so happy to have this opportunity to talk about it.
My initial thoughts about “Dark Moon” came while I was reading – that this author understands about relationships and appears to be fascinated by them.  Her characters are well conceived and well developed, not only upon meeting them, but throughout the book.  
Without giving too much away, “Dark Moon” tells the story of Storm, Trevor, Jarrod and Elle as the primary characters and Storm’s attempt to get Trevor to propose to her, and what happens when he does not.  Elle, Trevor’s sister, makes it her mission to catch Trevor and bring him to justice. 
Their mother senses what Trevor is doing and she uses her  experience as a pagan to slow him down. This book is set in Cape Town, South Africa, the author’s home, and it surprised me how well she painted a complete portrait of Cape Town. Tideswell’s descriptions are vivid, and, as a “visual” reader, I was easily able to create the scenes in my mind’s eye, something by which I value in a book.  
Interestingly, I could also imagine the voices of each person in this story, with kudos to Tideswell, because they were so well written and alive.  I just love, love, love this book!  This genre is a mix of romance and paranormal, one of my favorites, and it appeals to both female and male readers. While not wishing to give away the ending, I will say that it is surprising and ultimately satisfying.  
This reader/reviewer gives this lovely book 5 stars and a very big recommendation to GET IT NOW!  Can’t wait for the next novel from author Maggie Tideswell!
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