Friday, October 3, 2014

Moragh, Holly's Ghost

 Dark Moon, of course isn't my only book. Moragh, Holly's Ghost was my 2nd book to be published. I would like to give you some background to the setting, my motivation for writing it, maybe some insight into the characters and some of the symbols to be found in the story. But first I would like to share a review by Douglas Meeks posted on GoodReads.

Douglas Meeks
I got this book as a last minute grab. I should have bought a lottery ticket the same day based on the luck I was having. This was a ghost story (the title said so) and I thought "maybe something different for a change". I was right about the different part, it was a ghost story but that was only a bit of a many layered plot, not the least of which is witches and love spells, horrible "in-laws", betrayal and murder.

Holly's is at her wit's end trying to see her children, her vindictive ex-husband and his equally evil wife have prevented her from seeing them even though she has joint custody. This situation leads us down a long road that ends with a new husband and a lot of pain, hate and tears.

Joshua has been engaged to Nichole for 4 years and has finally woken to the fact that she may never intend to marry him and in a move of fate (that you need to read the book to see how it occurred), he ends up with a "contract" marriage to Holly to spite Nichole (sort of but not really).

There is SO much more to this story than I can cover in this review, the main thing that the reader

This is a great paranormal , almost Perry Mason type mystery that has you addicted to the story and trying to figure out where the story is going (usually a useless effort, too many surprises). Several subplots and a few engaging secondary characters (and a few two dimensional ones)

If I have any complaints it would be that at least one character did NOT get what she deserved and the author was a lot more forgiving of her than any real human would have been I believe but then again, I like revenge, but that is a minuscule complaint for all the enjoyment I got out of this novel.

Bottom Line: This is a amazing and complex novel, I was pretty sure it was going to bore me and I could not have been more wrong. I give it 4.5 Stars for excellence and less than 5 because of a few minor errors, a small bit of unresolved revenge and a couple of reoccurring characters that were never fleshed out enough for you to form an opinion of them. Get this book!
wants to know all through the book is "What happened to Moragh??" and you won't get that full answer until the last pages.

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