Friday, October 10, 2014

Moragh, Holly's Ghost - the story that told itself

The idea of two complete strangers getting hitched has always intrigued me. The main question attached to a situation like that, is weather such a relationship could succeed? By successful relationship I understand not only the longevity of the marriage, but could love grow from such a strange arrangement? I write romance, after all.

The story for Moragh, Holly's Ghost grew over a number of years. This was the first novel I started writing. I called it An Absolute Bargain and that remained the title for a long time. Then I changed it to Moragh before settling on the final title, Moragh, Holly's Ghost. The basic story was simple - a widow with two children needed a husband. She placed an ad in the paper for one to which Joshua responded, meaning to teach Holly a lesson. Boring stuff, huh?

Me, Maggie Tideswell
Then the dead first husband came back to life as an abusive gangster and then he was the married ex keeping Holly from seeing her children. Joshua also needed more motivation for even responding to an ad for a husband, not to mention actually proposing to a woman he had never clapped eyes on. So, in came the dawdling fiancee, Nicole. Now both Holly and Joshua were justified in not planning the marriage to be a real one. They each had an agenda of their own. Holly needed to appear married so that she could take her ex on for custody of her children. Joshua wanted to motivate his reluctant fiancee into church. He reasoned that if he was off limit to Nicole, he would be very attractive to her again and maybe she would set a date for their marriage.

From the moment Holly accepted Joshua's offer of marriage, strange things started happening, like her laptop switching itself on and off, and the furniture in her room rearranging themselves. And writing appearing on the mirror demanding that Holly wrote a story.

Holly and Joshua's plans go awry from the moment they meet on the steps of the chapel where their fake marriage was to take place. Both recognized the attraction immediately. The ghost made her presence felt when she slammed the door of the chapel during the wedding ceremony.

Back at Joshua's wine estate - yes, he is a rich landowner where Holly extected him to be a pauper - Holly met Joshua's mother and his brother and sister-in-law. And Nicole, his fiancee. She found out about Joshua's duplicity in a room full of people. Needless to say, she wasn't happy with the news, especially as she found herself pregnant. Was it Joshua's baby? Nicole said so and Joshua denied the possibility.

Amidst Nicole's shenanigans, Joshua's mother's disapproval, Holly's ex's aggression and the ghost following Holly around, would these two find the time and energy to fall in love?

Before I tell you the whole story to the end, I had better let you read about Joshua and Holly's journey through this unchartered seas of a blind marriage where no rules applied. Moragh, Holly's Ghost is available from amazon, B&N and many other online stores, in paperback, ebook and audio format: