Monday, November 3, 2014

Holly's World - The Winelands, Holly's New Home

'I shall just have to get you pregnant and keep you forever.'

This is where Joshua brought Holly after they were married in Cape Town. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the fertile green valleys of the Cape Winelands are surrounded by proud mountain ranges, and is dotted with towns and villages.

Joshua was a winemaker in this area, his estate called Fairley. The land had been in his family for generations. Unlike Willowgrove, the neighboring wine estate, home of Magnus and Pearl Jones and their daughter Nicole. Willowgrove was in its first generation, started and built up single-handedly by Magnus Jones. Nicole was Joshua's fiancee at the time he married Holly.

Photo © Cape Town Tourism
The Mediterranean climate and winter rainfall of the south-western Cape is perfect for growing 
grapes and this area produce many legendary Cape wines. Many of the vineyards were first planted hundreds of years ago when the first settlers in the Cape Colony started spreading out and putting down roots.

Joshua's house on Fairley was a sprawling Cape Dutch homestead, flanked by the winery and other outbuildings. The Cape Dutch style of building is synonymous with architecture in the Cape. This style was borrowed from places as diverse as mediaeval Holland and Germany, the France of the Huguenots and the islands of Indonesia. The main features of the Cape Dutch style of building were a steeply pitched roof supported by rafters and the enormous ornate gable, one on each end of the house and one in the center.

Holly fell in love with Fairley on first sight. After the wedding, they reached Joshua's home in the early evening, when the shadows were stretching and the house was blazing with light. There was a party going on, although nobody knew that it was Joshua's wedding reception. People in Moragh, Holly's Ghost are always pouring wine and everything became an occasion to raise a glass. The locals of this area consume a lot of wine.

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