Monday, November 17, 2014

Where Jarred's Wife Died

When Tragedy Struck

by Maggie Tideswell

When Storm met Jarred that day on the beach, he had been a widower for about a year. He had many unanswered questions, and he blamed Marian, his wife for killing their unborn baby. She had taken an unnecessary risk in skiing that day.

And the painful question that had tortured Jarred since Marian's death: why had she not told him that she was pregnant?

Marian had been the love of his life. She had loved life. An excellent skier, she should not have died. Her death had been a freak accident.

But she should have told him that he was about to become a father.
He would have kept her safe, and that meant off the water. That was why she never told him. She had been willful and selfish.

Beautiful picture by Nicole @FireflyAfrica
They had gone out that day in high spirits. Jarred was scheduled to go away again in his line of duty - he was an officer in the South African navy, remember. Nobody could have foreseen the tragedy that would end the life of a young woman, least of all Marian herslf.

Marian was skiing when a wall of water swept down the gorge, directly towards them. Jarred was helpless to get them out of the way in time. This is a picture of the Storm River, taken by Nicole in 2006 (@FireflyArica). Marian's body was found days later. By then she had not been a pretty sight.

Jarred at first blamed himself for her tragic death. It had been his duty and honor to protect his wife and he had failed her. But over time he realized that if anybody had been to blame, it had been Marian herself. It left him with a solid anger at Marion, and a distrust of women in general. Until he met Storm.

After a year of mourning her, Jarred met Storm and he started living again. And when he found out that she was having his baby, he would not rest until he convinced her to marry him. One can understand why he was so protective of Storm and so anti Trevor when one knows his background and the loss he felt when his unborn child died. Storm, of course, didn't know and she was not that easy to sway for reasons of her own. For one, she was very angry with Jarred. But that is a story for another day.

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