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You're Wrong - Book 3 in Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons Series

In You're Wrong, book 3 of the Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons series, Nathan and Rubi might or might not find true love. They met for the first time at Dane and Eloise's wedding, and their was an instant attraction between them. Rubi thought Nathan could be her new BFF after Piper got married so suddenly, because he was attractive and sinfully hot, but being gay, he was as good as a girl anyway.

They bumped into each other quite by accident the week after Eloise and Dane's wedding. Upset by the echoes of her sordid past, Nathan was unforgivably sexy but a temporary distraction to Rubi. She wanted the real thing, stability and love, and Nathan couldn't give that to her.

But, Nathan had no intention of being a mere distraction. He was determined to prove Rubi wrong in the only way he knew how. He abducted her and took her back to the place where they first met, the lodge where Eloise and Dane were married the week before.

Rubi and Nathan found themselves in room 13, the same room Marcus and Piper had occupied the night of the wedding, and Eloise and Dane the night before. Their experiences with the ghosts in that room made them realize that something very tragic had happened there.
Question is, would Nathan convince Rubi that she is wrong about him? And then?

You're Wrong will be available on Amazon here http://tinyurl.com/oj9slgk from 13 January 2016.

Read chapter 1 for free on  wattpad here https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/58379713-you're-wrong

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Silent Night Count Down


Silent Night is available now!

Can you believe it is only Ten Days to go Before Christmas?

A story about Christmas wishes coming true - or not quite.

It is cover-to-cover fun and romance to warm your heart over the holidays. Available in paperback and e-format.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Published and Available - Silent Night - A Romantic Christmas Fantasy

Christmas is upon us - can you believe another year has gone by? It feels like just the other day that we all had the gripes from the fantastic Christmas spread, and bags of discarded wrapping. Not to mention the mess on the carpet when the tree went past it's best. And here we are, ready to do it all over again.

We all have to agree, the holidays are fun. There are the wishes, and the expectations, the crackers and that bulging stocking. And the family, of course, let's not forget the family. Even the squabbling would be missed it it was missing one year.

But what if you find yourself all alone for Christmas? What would happen to those wishes and expectations? Would they be that much more intense, because of the loneliness?

On Christmas Eve, Audra went to the mall to put off the moment when she would be all alone at home, with only her cat and her memories for company. She didn't have any last minute shopping to do so she went in search of a Santa, the symbol of Christmas. When she found him, Santa invites her to share her Christmas wish.

What was it that Audra whispered in his ear?

She wanted Santa to bring her a man.

But this Santa was unlike any she had ever encountered. “Very difficult to gift wrap those, little lady. And the blighters refuse to keep still under the tree," was his response to her request. But, even though he patted her bum as she left him to his bawling toddlers, she forgotall about her silly encounter with Santa in the mall on her way home.

Until she found a beautiful man on her doorstep, claiming to be her Christmas wish.

Silent Night - A Romantic Christmas Fantasy will be available on Amazon from December 15th here: http://tinyurl.com/oj9slgk

I would love to hear from you. Please say hello here: maggietideswell@outlook.com

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another five star review for He's Married!


When Eloise has the wedding of her dreams, her fears travel to the forefront. The wedding
night is upon her and she has reservations. She realizes in their haste to get married, she doesn't really know her husband, Dane. She's got some issues and probably shouldn't have waited till the wedding night to address them. She has a secret and she should've given Dane the choice to marry her or not if he knew.

As they embark on their honeymoon, the couple is broken when a secret of Dane's is exposed. Eloise can handle most things, but this rocks her trust abilities to the core. How is she supposed to handle the fact that Dane is married!

He's Married is book two in the Bridesmaids, Weddings, and Honeymoons series by Maggie Tideswell. I loved book one and book two just carries on! Maggie is so creative with her writing and I especially loved the ghosts aspect that she weaves throughout! Eloise doesn't know what to believe. I wish she would've just took a step back and listened to Dane. Unfortunately Dane was also at a loss as to how to deal with this situation. We are guessing what and how this happened with the subtle clues we are given. When the big reveal takes place, my mouth was hanging open! I can't give you any more than that but I certainly was surprised!

I highly recommend He's Married as well as the Bridesmaids, Weddings, and Honeymoons series. Maggie has created quite a series and I can not wait for the next book!

4.5 stars/ 3 flames

This book was gifted to me by the Jeep Diva for the express purpose of an honest review. The rating and review are solely my opinion and in no way was I compensated.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wacky Weddings - the search continues

How popular are themed weddings really?

In my book, The Run-Away Couple, the wedding is a Gothic theme, and I asked the question how popular wacky wedding themes really are. All weddings have a theme, ranging from 'Country' to 'Vineyards' and these have to do with the color schemes, types of flowers, style of wedding dress etc.

But what about more weird themes?

In a previous post we had a few weird ones, including a very classy Gothic wedding. But I still haven't found the ultimate wacky wedding. So I continued searching.

And this was what I found. Here are 60 wacky wedding ideas that range from nude nuptials to double wedding dress weddings to getting married at 1000feet standing on top of the aircraft to social reality weddings (is that legal?) http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/wacky-wedding-ideas

Here's a wedding at the North Pole, of all places. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/16/north-pole-wedding_n_1428946.html

BUNGEE/PLUNGE -Who wants to jump off a bridge while saying 'I do'? Or promise to 'love you forever' on a roller coaster? Would you take a naked groom promising to be 'faithful forever' seriously when everybody can see his unmentionables? http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/13-most-bizarre-and-unusual-wedding-themes/6/

I think people are trying too hard to stand out and they take things a bit far. A lot of these people lose sight of what is important on the wedding day, namely the celebration of the love between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But it's your special day to enjoy in any way you want. And the wackier, the better your day will be remembered, that's for sure.

So, whatever blows your skirt up on your wedding day!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

5* Review - He's Married

Sharon Pollock (left) read He's Married and gave it a 5 star review! Thank you, Sharon.

This is what Sharon said about He's Married

He's Married is the sequel to The Runaway-Couple and we pick up our gorgeous couple Eloise and Dane when all the guests have gone and they are off on their honeymoon. What starts out as a romantic get away soon turns sour when Dane gets an unexpected call.

What could possibly send Eloise fleeing home?

In true Maggie Tideswell style, she has woven a beautifully romantic story with just enough paranormal thrown in to keep the reader engaged. It is fast paced and the characters are so beautifully developed, you feel their pain, and heartache and happiness.

Just when the reader thinks they have figured out just what is going on, the author throws another twist into the mix and you are back at square one wondering what is going to happen next.

This is a wonderfully well written story that draws the reader into it, and I can guarantee readers they won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand

Isn't there a more beautiful sentiment that the promise, With this ring, I thee wed? With the exchange of wedding rings during the wedding ceremony, a couple promise each other their love for as long as they live.


But why do the bride and groom slip the wedding ring onto the third finger of each other's left hand?

Apparently, this tradition was started by the Romans, who believed that the vein in this finger led directly to the heart. As the wedding ring is a declaration of eternal love, the third finger of the left hand became the obvious place for the wedding ring. Science have since proven this theory wrong, but it is still the 3rd finger on the left hand that bears the wedding ring.

From a more practical perspective, as most people are right-handed, the left hand is the less dominant. The ring worn there wouldn't be as likely to get in the way or to catch on things and is less likely to be damaged.

Some traditions has the ring on the right hand for the engagement and moved to the left during the marriage ceremony. In another tradition, the ring is first placed on the thumb during the wedding, them moved to the first and middle before finally to the third finger of the left hand.

"The Chinese developed a theory (about the ring finger), which is actually really interesting and a bit fun to try. If you look at your left hand, each finger is a representation of the past, present and future generations within your family. For example, the thumb represents your parents, your index finger represents your siblings, the middle finger represents yourself, your fourth finger represents your life-partner and the fifth finger, your pinkie, represents your future children.

"Now it’s time for a little experiment. Place your hands together and bend your middle fingers together, allowing for your knuckles to touch. When doing this, allow for your other remaining fingers to touch.

"Begin to pull each finger apart, individually. You will see that your thumbs will pull apart because you are not destined to be with your parents forever. Now do the same action with your index finger and pinkie; you will see the same results. According to the Chinese theory, you are not meant to be together forever with your siblings, as well as your future children as they will leave the home and start a family of their own.

"Now try to do the same action with your ring finger, which represents your life partner. When you try to separate these fingers apart, it doesn’t lift as easily as the other fingers, right? This is because you and your life partner are meant to be together forever."

Neat, huh? Read the full article here : http://www.mervisdiamond.com/blog/2014/04/wedding-rings-worn-4th-finger-left-hand/

Here is another wonderful article about weddings that is well worth reading. Pay particular attention to the definitions for 'husband' etc. http://www.seiyaku.com/customs/rings.html

At the end of the day, as a symbol of two people's love for each other, does it matter which hand bears the ring? You decide.


Saturday, October 17, 2015


He's Married
Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons
Book 2

Eloise had the wedding of her dreams. It had all been arranged and done in a month. Now that the wedding night was upon her, Eloise’s fears raised their heads. Dane was a stranger to her. She realized that she shouldn’t have insisted that they wait for the wedding night to have sex. It wasn’t that she was that traditional, but Dane should have been given the choice.

Because Eloise had a secret.

Dane and Eloise left for the beautiful Maldives for a two-week honeymoon. In this idyllic setting, life threw Eloise a curve-ball.

Because Dane had a secret too.

She could have put up with anything, but this could shatter her belief in the fairy-tale.

How was she supposed to deal with another wife?

About the Author

Maggie Tideswell lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, Gareth. She started writing when her kids were still very young, squeezing a few paragraphs at a time in between the hectic schedule of raising three children and working full time in the catering industry.

She wrote many books before she thought about getting them published. Now that the children have all made lives for themselves, there is more time for writing.

Maggie’s choice of genre, after much experimentation, is passionate paranormal romance, of varying levels of heat. The current series, Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons, were intended to be straight forward passionate romance, without the paranormal, but before long there was a ghost on the page. The best thing to do was to give the ghost something to do. As the series progress, so does the paranormal aspect of the four couples’ love lives, until the culmination in the final book.

Maggie’s advice to aspirant novelists is two-fold. Never give up and write every day. Writing is a craft that has to be honed with practice. And the only way to practice writing is by doing it. And a bonus, never stop reading your favorite genre. Reading it and writing it is the only training for
a writer.

Bright blessings.

Maggie's books are available here: http://tinyurl.com/oj9slgk

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Origin of the Wedding Ring

 With this ring I thee wed

 The tradition of exchanging wedding rings goes back many centuries, and are part of the wedding customs of many different nations and religions.

The origin of the wedding ring reaches back to prehistoric times. The groom would bind the bride’s ankles and wrists with grass to keep her soul from escaping or was it really to keep her from running away? After the ceremony he would tie the 'rope' to one of her fingers.

Ancient Egyptian brides have been depicted in hieroglyphics wearing wedding bands. To the these people living around 4800 years ago, a circle symbolized eternity. These rings were made from woven reeds, papyrus and rushed. As these didn't last very long, more durable material substituted the biodegradable materials until precious metals were used. The metal rings were far from perfect and precious stones like diamonds were added to hide the flaws. Diamonds, because of their enduring quality, also symbolize eternity and became associated with love.

In Roman times the wedding ring took on a more romantic meaning. Not only did married women
have a right to their husbands' worldly possessions, the wedding ring also served as a sign that the wife had unlocked her husband's heart. In order to symbolize this, a key was often part of the wedding ring.
To the ancients, the circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end. The hole in the center of the ring also had significance. It wasn’t just considered a space, but rather a gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown. To give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love.

Originally only women wore wedding rings as a token of possession in the sense that the married woman belonged to her husband, hence wedlock.
Traditionally men didn't wear wedding rings, but since the great wars, when the soldiers wore wedding rings as a reminder of the wife and family and home waiting for their safe return, there has been a shift until today it is the norm for men to wear them as well.

When taking into account that the wedding ring is a sign of commitment, I feel it only right that men should wear them too. Read more on this here:

Friday, September 18, 2015

Imagination is a wonderful Thing!

Have you ever thought where we would be if we didn’t have an imagination?

We’d be lost and hungry, for a start.

Let me explain.

Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses. It is a mental process, which is not visible to others. Imagination makes use of relevant knowledge and previous learning to solve problems

This is why I say that without an imagination we would all be lost and hungry. Without an imagination, nobody would be able to translate an abstract concept like a road map into the reality of the roads. The same applies to recipes. Imagination is what enables a person to turn a bunch of words into a wonderful dish.

In the business world, trainers emphasize ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘lateral thinking’ in problem solving. What do they mean by that? Simply put, they might as well have told their trainees to ‘use your imagination’.

In today’s world, we want to be visually entertained. We watch movies, TV series, we play computer games etc. These are the products of somebody else’s imagination. Our own mind’s eye becomes lazy to the point of not being able to ‘see’ without ‘seeing’. We forget how to think in the abstract. We rely on imagination borrowed from somebody else.

Everybody doesn’t have to be a visual artist or an author, but our imagination is what separates us from the animal kingdom. No invention would have been possible with the imagination of the inventor. Every painting and sculpture started with an idea in the imagination of the artist. Bridges, skyscrapers buildings, airplanes, trains and spaceships, the common light bulb, the telephone, television sets, you name it, they all started as an idea formed in somebody’s head by his/her imagination.

If the imagination becomes the privilege of the few the human race will be left so much poorer. Each person should strive to develop all the faculties available to him or her. Imagination incorporates learning, previous experiences and personality to come up with solutions in a new and original forms. 

With a blunted imagination, this process becomes limited to the point of being useless.
One way to develop one’s inner eye is by reading. By reading a book as opposed to watching a movie based on that book, one creates mental images for oneself from the abstract words the author used to tell the story. One enters the world the author created by visualizing it. But when we watch what another person have created, our own imagination shrivels with disuse.

Read a book!

Maggie Tideswell is the author of passionate paranormal romance novels. She lived in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband Gareth and their three cats.  She has two books published, Dark Moon (2011) and Moragh, Holly’s Ghost (2013) and has just launched her new five book series Bridesmaids, Weddings & Honeymoons. Book 1, The Run-Away Couple, is available on Amazon. Book 2, He’s Married will be released next month. 

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Review of Runaway Couple

I am touched, truly touched!
I would like to share with you this wonderful review of Runaway Couple. Thank you so much deb1210.
By deb1210 on August 17, 2015
Format: Paperback
Runaway Couple is the first book in the new Bridesmaids, Weddings, and Honeymoons series by Maggie Tideswell. It is also the first book I have read by this author. I was intrigued by the blurb and was delighted with the story that unfolded before me.

Piper's sister is getting married and she has chosen a Gothic theme for her wedding. Complete with a venue of torches, candles, and shadows lurking, they are scaring the crap out of the guests! Piper is the maid of honor and unfortunately she finds she is shackled to her childhood tormentor, Marcus, as he is the best man. It is said the best man and the maid of honor are the most-likely to have sex on a wedding night known as runaway couple. While Piper thinks Marcus is easy on the eyes, she's wary of the humiliating pranks he pulled on her during their youth, and wants nothing to do with him. He, little does she know, has plans for her!

Once at the reception, a nasty storm rolls in full of thunder and lightening and a thick as pea soup mist, all adding to the creepiness of the hotel. Weird things begin to occur. She blames Marcus for being up to his old tricks. She is unnerved and scared literally into his arms. Are the things happening in her head, Marcus himself, or some strange force pushing them together??

I totally enjoyed the paranormal romance! Maggie Tideswell has a real gift of writing! I felt just as creeped out as Piper did while reading! It was detailed just enough to give you what you need without being wordy or excessively descriptive. It had so much mystery, I had to find out what happened next! The love/hate that Piper and Marcus has for each other was fantastic! Their chemistry was so incredible! And the sex-off the charts hot! You will fall in love with these characters and you will love this romance of Piper and Marcus! And the ending??? Awesome! It is worth every minute spent getting there!

4.5 stars/4 flames

This book was given to me by the Jeep Diva for the express purpose of an honest review. The rating and review are solely my opinions and in no way was I compensated.