Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand

Isn't there a more beautiful sentiment that the promise, With this ring, I thee wed? With the exchange of wedding rings during the wedding ceremony, a couple promise each other their love for as long as they live.


But why do the bride and groom slip the wedding ring onto the third finger of each other's left hand?

Apparently, this tradition was started by the Romans, who believed that the vein in this finger led directly to the heart. As the wedding ring is a declaration of eternal love, the third finger of the left hand became the obvious place for the wedding ring. Science have since proven this theory wrong, but it is still the 3rd finger on the left hand that bears the wedding ring.

From a more practical perspective, as most people are right-handed, the left hand is the less dominant. The ring worn there wouldn't be as likely to get in the way or to catch on things and is less likely to be damaged.

Some traditions has the ring on the right hand for the engagement and moved to the left during the marriage ceremony. In another tradition, the ring is first placed on the thumb during the wedding, them moved to the first and middle before finally to the third finger of the left hand.

"The Chinese developed a theory (about the ring finger), which is actually really interesting and a bit fun to try. If you look at your left hand, each finger is a representation of the past, present and future generations within your family. For example, the thumb represents your parents, your index finger represents your siblings, the middle finger represents yourself, your fourth finger represents your life-partner and the fifth finger, your pinkie, represents your future children.

"Now it’s time for a little experiment. Place your hands together and bend your middle fingers together, allowing for your knuckles to touch. When doing this, allow for your other remaining fingers to touch.

"Begin to pull each finger apart, individually. You will see that your thumbs will pull apart because you are not destined to be with your parents forever. Now do the same action with your index finger and pinkie; you will see the same results. According to the Chinese theory, you are not meant to be together forever with your siblings, as well as your future children as they will leave the home and start a family of their own.

"Now try to do the same action with your ring finger, which represents your life partner. When you try to separate these fingers apart, it doesn’t lift as easily as the other fingers, right? This is because you and your life partner are meant to be together forever."

Neat, huh? Read the full article here :

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At the end of the day, as a symbol of two people's love for each other, does it matter which hand bears the ring? You decide.