Friday, January 1, 2016

It started with a themed wedding ...

It started with a Gothic themed wedding - Eloise and Dane's wedding.

Eloise and Dane didn't know each other well. They met and married within two month, for goodness sake. But Eloise managed her time well and arranged a wonderful Gothic wedding in a lodge way off the beaten track. Her older sister Piper was the maid of honor and Marcus Dane's best man.

Traditionally the maid of honor and the best man are supposed to go off together and be the next to get married. The only problem in this scenario was that Piper didn't like Marcus and she didn't trust him one little bit. Growing up living right next door to each other, Marcus had constantly tormented
Piper with pranks.
All the same, her distrust of Marcus aside, as a teenager she had secretly harbored sexual fantasies about him.
Now, seeing him again after five years, Piper naturally expected to become Marcus' victim again. Was she right to suspect him, or did Marcus have a totally different plan for her?

At the stroke of midnight Eloise and Dane left their wedding reception to start their honeymoon. But whoever had said that it was moonlight and roses as soon as the vows were spoken, had been telling fibs. That's when the learning begins.
Eloise had a problem she thought insurmountable, but it was nothing compared to what was waiting for her after they arrived on their paradise island in the Maldives when Dane's secret raised it's ugly head. There just wasn't an easy solution to this one.
Would this mean the end of their fledgling marriage?

Rubi, Piper's best friend and the mother of Eloise's little flower girl, at first thought her life had ended when the man she'd believed to be her husband of many years married somebody else. But before she could sink too deeply into depression, Nathan, the very handsome man she'd danced with at the wedding, abducted her. He said he wanted to have sex with her, but as far as Rubi knew, Nathan was gay.
Or was he?
What did he really want from her?

All three these couples spent a night in room 13 on the third floor of the lodge where the wedding had been celebrated. Piper saw shadows on the walls that didn't correspond to anything in the room. Eloise saw strange men arguing. While Dane slept, he levitated towards an open window that had been closed a moment before. Rubi and Nathan both had conversations with people who shouldn't have been in the room with them.
The consensus between the friends was that something had to be done to lay the ghosts at the lodge. Paul, the minister who had married Eloise and Dane, volunteered to go to the lodge to look into the situation.

Lisa, Nathan's sister and Marcus' employee, invited herself along. But she didn't take the ghosts seriously and was more into playing games to scare Paul and making plays for him. He wasn't interested in having a fling, he wanted a wife and Lisa wasn't the right woman.
Anyway, they reported their findings to the rest of the group and it was decided that they all had to go back to the lodge together. They had all been at Eloise and Dane's wedding, when it all started. Only when they were together, could the story of the ghosts be settled in book 5.

The paranormal element, namely the haunting, is a progressive one. In book 1 there is only a tasting of the ghosts in Room 13, in book 2 the paranormal activity is more pronounced and in book 3 it is clear that something terribly tragic happened in Room 13. In book 4 there is an investigation and an attempt to lay the ghosts, but it is only in book 5, the final episode of the series, that the full story of the ghosts come to light.
The series is currently under review and will relaunch soon.