Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Walton 2016" by Andrew Rickert

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James P. Walton, the famed business tycoon, has been elected the 45th President of the United States. Construction of the first wall begins within months of his inauguration. The great American exodus soon follows.


Andrew grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended the University of Kansas, where he studied
History, and was one of the few people with a southern accent. He will defend the fact that Lawrence, KS is one of the great places of this earth to the death.

He is a proud lifelong computer nerd, as well as history geek. It is unconfirmed, but Andrew may also have the record for number of times watching Big Trouble in Little China.

His writing is influenced not only by imagination and love for exploring creativity, but also his experiences as a delivery driver, bouncer, competitive mixed martial artist, power lifter, and traveler.

Andrew was once robbed and semi-kidnapped in Vietnam. Ask him and he'll probably tell you the story.

What motivates the author to write in the genre he does?

There are multiple factors. First (and perhaps most obvious) would be the current  environment in America surrounding this current election and it's candidates. It was a mix of anger, bafflement, and the need to address the situation in a way I felt I could do justice to. I think satire is a great way at getting readers to engage in subjects that might be normally considered scary, such as a totalitarian dictatorship (albeit hypothetical one).

I studied history in college, and while I love the subject...I always found it was somewhat limited by the truth. I love doing alternate history "what ifs" because I can actually apply creativity to it (something that received me many poor grades as a student). I truly hope something like Walton 2016 never occurs, but I'll admit it was quite fun to create a world in which it did and look at the outcome.

The cities, aptly named by President Walton “Los Mexicos 1”, “Los Mexicos 2” and so on, had been flattened by the combined might of 2 million pounds of weekly ordinance eight times since the program's inception. As part of his “Bring America Back” program, Walton had assured that 15,000 American workers had been hired to rebuild the city once every two months after 16 million pounds of American destruction. These workers were submitted to rigorous background checks to prove that they were, at least, 2nd generation Americans. Third generation, 4th generation, and so on were given far more opportunities for advancement within the program.

The program had employed 5,000 construction workers, 3,200 road workers, 2,500 plumbers, 2,000 electricians, 1,000 engineers, 700 network technicians, and 600 employees at a mannequin factory that produced all of the models for the slightly brown-colored mannequins that were to be the Super Shop Mart employees and customers. President Walton was proud of “Bring America Back.” Los Mexicos 9 promised to be even bigger than Los Mexicos 8 and was expected to hire as many as 20,000 Americans. It would come complete with roads, electricity, water, functioning internet, a working subway system, and two Super Shop Marts.