Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interpret this if you can - A tarot Reading

The tarot Heather does for her sister, Holly, is central to the story of A Convenient Marriage. Heather was concerned, because it seemed that Holly was avoiding her. And what the cards told her did not put her mind to rest.

Here follows an excerpt from A Convenient Marriage, and Heather's reading.

Heather turned the third card over and placed it to the right of the two crossed cards. Her hand hovered over the deck, but didn’t turn the next card. She stared at the three cards on the table. There was a disturbance in her soul, and she hoped to get an answer from the cards. They had never failed her before.

The first card was The Lovers. It was high time Holly found someone of her own to love. She would have to do a reading for him when she met him, to see if he was worthy of her Holly, but for the moment, Heather knew that a new man in her sister’s life was not what was bothering her. The second card had followed quickly .

The Empress. A pregnancy? Was Holly pregnant? The card was reversed. Did that mean the pregnancy couldn’t come to its natural conclusion? Yes, but it wasn’t Holly who was pregnant. A frown pulled Heather’s brows together. A pregnancy…not Holly’s—but one that was going to affect Holly in some way. The cards would reveal the significance. 

Heather stared at the third card. The High Priestess told her exactly that, that the truth would be revealed, all secrets would come to light. Heather’s hand hovered over the card to feel its vibrations—it had fallen in the position of the distant past, which meant that something mysterious was at work in Holly’s life.

 Heather turned the fourth, fifth, and sixth cards over in quick succession, placing them below, above and to the right of the spread. Studying the cards closely, her hair blew off her face and she sucked her breath in sharply. They were powerful cards.

The Moon in the fourth position confirmed that something hidden was at work, something potentially dangerous to her sister. The man Holly loved? No, instinct told Heather that it was more than that, deeper, directed from afar, like a restless spirit breathing in the night.

The Two of Cups had fallen in the best outcome position, reassuring Heather that this new relationship was exactly what her sister needed. The new man was going to be good for Holly. As soon as she saw her sister, Heather was going to have to demand an introduction. But in the meantime, she would not worry about him, because there were other forces at work that commanded immediate attention.

Death in the position of the immediate future confirmed that. The Death card predicted major change coming and very soon, within a week or two. Why was Holly so stubborn? Why did she hide from her sister whenever she needed her the most?

Heather breathed deeply through her nose. There were several ways to interpret the cards, depending on the positions in which they were drawn and in relation to each other, and she would not get a clear meaning until she had all of them in front of her. She could not even begin to know what action was needed before she understood the whole problem. If only Holly would contact her. Until she did, there was only one thing Heather could do, and that was to finish the reading.

The seventh card she turned over was the Nine of Swords. Heather sucked her breath in again, her cheeks hollow. Oh no, just when she felt that Holly’s future might be quite rosy, that grim card came up. It could refer to death, miscarriage, deception, or despair. Which applied? Was the baby that was not Holly’s and could not be born going to die? Or was this a reference to Holly being in mortal danger? The rest of the cards would provide illumination.

The card in the external influence position was the Queen of Pentacles—reversed, indicating an evil woman, well aware of what she was doing. Who was she? Surely it couldn’t be Donald’s second wife? Holly wasn’t a threat to her, unless there was something Holly hadn’t told her about the relationship she had with Donald now. But as she knew her, Holly would never interfere in a marriage, not even her ex-husband’s second one. Whoever the woman was, Heather knew for certain that she meant to harm Holly in some way.

The card Heather turned over in the hopes and fears position, The Tower, again indicated change due to an outside influence over which Holly has no control.

The final card was not the one Heather would have hoped for. It confirmed her fears for Holly, as the Seven of Swords indicated that Holly should be careful about whom she trusted.

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