Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Author Feature - Debra Fisk

 Only in Your Arms

Debra Fisk

Tracking down leads to his partner’s murder was all that mattered to Detective Noah Donavan, and finding Marco Talarico was his number one priority.  When his captain makes him take vacation or face suspension, Noah uses the time to do some sleuthing in Barefoot Bay, the location of his suspect.

Luciana Talarico has been dreaming of making a name for herself her entire life. When her new business idea finals in the Golden Ticket Contest, she can’t get out of New York fast enough--saying goodbye to her dead end job and her overbearing family.  Too bad her dead beat brother picks that moment to get into trouble—again!  If that weren’t enough, running head first into Noah is a distraction her heart wants but could ruin everything. 

Noah uses his connections in Barefoot Bay to go undercover.  Using Marco’s sister, Luciana isn’t the best idea he’s ever had but it’s the only one he’s got.  Too bad she’s everything he could hope for and more.  When the two meet the sparks fly, but with so much at risk for both of them, will they give in to their hearts?

Author Feature - J Kahele

A simple trip to the attorneys turns into a life changing moment for 22-year-old Jenna Kramer when she encounters Andrew Carington for the first time. Their desire for each other is so deep that an affair ensues quickly. But Jenna's abusive and controlling husband Senator Benjamin Kramer will never give her up and soon Jenna finds herself plummeting into dangerous grounds.


I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic!


    Breathe… Close your eyes… Escape…

    Fighting back the tears, I swallow a small breath, trying so hard to stay still, to be quiet. I have made him angry again, and I need to give him time to calm down.

    I cannot see him, but I hear him behind me, breathlessly panting.

    He is close, very close—too close.

    I hear the soft sounds of his socks brushing against the wood floor. I hear the click of the lock, then the creak of the door, opening, then closing. Relief washes over me; he is gone, and it is over.

    Breathing in and out once again, I press my eyes shut, welcoming darkness, my best of friends. The pain will soon fade, and I will find comfort in the one place where only I can go…

 MINE by J Kahele 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The First

MOONLIGHT SLANTED ACROSS THE floor, a gentle breeze lifting the gossamer curtain. Shadows moved across the wall. The sleeper moaned and turned, muttering, the bedding shifting to the floor.

Down the hall, a few mumbled words as if in reply, and then silence again. The house sighed and creaked as it settled for the night. A dog barked at shadows down the street—a melancholy sound—joined by another bored canine farther away. An owl hooted in the tree outside the window, its heart-shaped face turning to survey the night before it swooped soundlessly into another dimension.

The sounds belonged to another world, because the sleepers didn’t hear. Somebody heard, though, crouched in the swirling mist, careful not to disturb the shadows on the wall. Breath rasped in the still of the night, power in the plume.

This is a place that is not a place,

at a time that is not a time.

Please, release me from the dark,

and let me rest in the light.

The clock in the hall ticked down the minutes to midnight. Something scratched at the glass in the window frames, the breeze sighing around the corners, piling dead leaves into a doorway.

The mask hanging against the landing wall fell from its hook and clattered down the stairs. Within moments, they were at the top of the stairs, three wispy white figures illuminated by the moonlight.

“Something is about to happen,” one of them said, a hand to her throat.

“A big change is coming,” another agreed, grasping for a hand to hold on to.

“We have to prepare,” the third one added, turning into the circle of protection.

A Convenient Marriage is now available for pre-order and will be released on October 13.